10 Most Insane Catches In NFL History

 NFL fans often ask what is the most famous NFL catch. With so many famous Super Bowl grabs, a famous catch can lead to the game-winning point or the MVP. 

Below we will look at ten football catches (fingertips, one-handed) that prove strong hands are just one part of a great catch. That way you can confidently get your hands in the game on the most trusted offshore betting sites! 

1. Justin Jefferson: Single-Handedly

The most famous football catches will now include Jefferson from this past November. On 4th and 18, the Vikings wide receiver pulled a high pass ball from Jets defender Cam Lews. Despite Cam having a two-hand grasp on the ball, Justin hung on with a single hand as he fell to the ground. 

Despite being in a regular season game, and Minnesota’s drive stalling at the goal line, the play is now one of the most viral on record. 

2. Randy Moss: With Catches Like These

Randy Moss had what some still call a phenomenal catch in front of defensive back Darrelle Revis. No wonder it led to a Hall of Fame induction. 

If you are curious how can I make my hands better for catching a football, use soft hands where your wrists and fingers are flexible. Being too stiff can cause the ball to bounce. 

3. Odell Beckham, Jr: Something to Talk About

One of the most significant viral plays to date is Odell Beckham Jr. A one-handed catch would lead to his overnight celebrity status against Dallas in 2014. 

Livening up Sunday Night Football, Beckham was in the spotlight eight years after that catch. 

4. Julian Edelman: Call it a Comeback

One of the most famous comeback plays is Julian Edelman’s fingertip catch in Super Bowl LI. The Patriots’ 23-yard grab was upheld based on further review and led to a game-tying score against New England. 

Trailing 28-3 with 17 minutes on the clock, the Patriots would score the biggest Super Bowl comeback win in an overtime game. 

5. Lynn Swann: Matrix Maneuver

Leaping like a ballet dancer, Lynn Swann proved himself in Super Bowl X with his 53-yard catch. Soaring over Mark Washington, his play added to the four catches (161 yards) and MVP honors. 

The secret with above and below-waist catches is keeping your arms slightly bent and extending them outward to give you room to flex with the impact of catching the ball.  

6. Santonio Holmes: Rent Free!

Distinguishing the contenders from the pretenders, Santonio Holmes’s touchdown with 35 seconds left in Super Bowl XLIII ranks among the best all-time catches in a Super Bowl. 

While the Cardinals claimed “Red flag,” and the Steelers shot back with “His feet were down,” the former receiver helped the Steelers have the last laugh. They beat Arizona 27-23 and scored their sixth Lombardi Trophy. 

7. Jerry Rice: Rice To See You

Arguably the best one-handed catch was at the 1989 Super Bowl XXIII against the Bengals. 

Jerry Rice made the famous grab (8-second mark) and scored MVP honors after catching 11 passes (215-yard Super Bowl record). 215 yards. 

8. Dwight Clark: Tipping Point 

The 1981 NFC game had a stellar play when Dwight Clark caught the ball with his fingertips. The elite grab helped the 49ers defeat the Cowboys. However, fans often ask how should your hands be when trying to catch a football

To ensure the best catching form, use your fingers, not your palms, with your arms outstretched and your eyes on the ball. 

9. David Tyree: Head – And Helmet in the Game 

Considered one of the most must-see plays in Super Bowl XLII, David Tyree had a supernatural helmet catch near the end of the game, which squashed the Patriots’ perfect season. 

In his rookie year as a Giant, the Livingston, New Jersey native and former Orangemen scored 211 yards receiving 16 receptions with no touchdowns. He then scored four receptions with no scores, that is, until February 3, 2008. 

The former wide receiver had a famous helmet catch from Eli Manning. The deep pass over the middle helped Manning score the MVP and topple the Patriots 10-7. 

10. Franco Harris: Immaculate and Controversial Reception 

Likely the most exciting and jaw-dropping catches of all time, in 1972, Franco Harris had a miracle fingertip catch after deflecting a fourth-down play. 

Leading to the first playoff win for the Pittsburgh Steelers, the 22-year-old rookie’s catch led to quite a bit of controversy with the then-Oakland Raiders, especially given the league would not adopt instant replays until a decade later. 

Siding with John Fuqua, the Raiders argued that he initially touched the ball (which would thereby make Harris’s catch illegal and an incomplete pass). 

“That’s a helluva damn game that has to go down to someone up in the press box,” John Madden told reporters. But Harris would call the Christmas movie “A dream play,” and received a telegram in the Steelers locker room that read, “Go Steelers Go,” from Frank Sinatra. 

Game On! 

From fingertip grabs to helmet catches and aerial leaps, the NFL has phenomenal game-winning catches. With so many unpredictable plays, when betting on the NFL, use a betting strategy, (to reduce your losses). 

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