3 Social Media Features For Every Business

Nowadays, it is impossible to imagine a successful business without social media platforms. Social media is an integral part of each business strategy. Day by day, it has become a fundamental part of every business. The importance of social media is excellent. It allows companies to engage and reach a targeted audience and have a lot of success. 

So, if you want to create strong relationships with your customers, grow your sales, and have brand recognition, you certainly need to include social media in your business basics. Every day social media benefits and features become more and more. This article will explore three social media features for every business. 

Facebook and Instagram Lives

Facebook and Instagram lives are basic features that allow users to use live stream videos by connecting via phones. In simple words, you can click a button and see what others have to say at that moment. 

Social media lives are especially productive for business advertising. First, lives can provide businesses an opportunity to connect with a large audience, introduce new products, services, or features, share stories with customers, etc. This will save your time, money and bring brand recognition. According to stats, lives continued to be part of Social media trends in 2022. So, start to use it in your business strategy. 

AI-Powered Chatbots

Next, important social media features are AI-Powered Chatbots. Artificial Intelligence chatbots can provide productive communication with customers. And this is especially helpful when it comes to social media. By including Artificial Intelligence chatbots in your social media platforms, you can boost your customer service, consumer intelligence and optimize your content. Also, these chatbots can make a better-personalized experience for customers. For example, Facebook Messenger chatbots can focus on customers’ needs and, with personalization, answer their questions. Using AI chatbots also makes your team work easier and quicker. 

Instagram Polls

Instagram allows you to create polls in your Instagram stories. This is a great feature that developed recently. Users can write their questions with polls and answers and quickly get the results. So, which benefits can you bring to your business Instagram polls? 

The most important benefit is that polls allow you directly interact with your potential customers and give their questions answers. For example, you can ask your followers which product they prefer or get feedback about some products or features with poll questions. So, polls provide your company with more insights and customer feedback. 


These helpful features allow you to use social media effectively for your business and generate more customers. Every feature can uniquely help your business reach a special goal and bring your business many benefits. The general benefit is that it can help you reach your business goals and have a lot of success. Knowing social media features will make your team work more productive and bring effectiveness. So, learn about social media features and use them in your marketing strategies. 

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