5 mistakes when choosing an electric scooter

Electric scooters have become one of the most popular and rapidly developing types of mobile transport. The number of people who want to buy an electric scooter is only growing. But as with the purchase of any other equipment, when choosing a scooter there are pitfalls. Now we will talk about the mistakes when buying a scooter. greatofmining

Not taking your weight into account

Buyers often make one of the main mistakes: underestimating their own weight and, as a result, choosing the wrong power rating for their scooter. Be sure to consider your weight, as this will affect both the strength of the scooter’s construction and the ability to travel at the speed that you will be comfortable with. You will not be able to ride “with a breeze” on a model that has low power and is not designed for your weight.

If you buy a scooter with insufficient engine power, it simply will not be able to pull your weight even when riding on level ground, much less in a hill, even a small one. Therefore, the power of the scooter should correspond to your weight. Even better, if it has a small margin of about 20%. In this case it will be easier to choose a comfortable riding mode on any road and in any conditions.

Manufacturers usually indicate in the characteristics, for what weight the scooter is designed. It is generally accepted that the power of up to 250 watts is suitable for those who weigh less than 80 kg. Accordingly, such scooters are suitable for teenagers and girls. If your weight exceeds 80 kg, it is necessary to look for more powerful models. And if you plan to travel on rough terrain, it is better to choose a scooter with a power of 350 watts or more.

In addition, do not forget that you will not always use a scooter lightweight. You should consider, for example, a bag or backpack with things, they will also add weight, which will have to pull the scooter. Therefore, it is always better to have a small margin on the maximum allowable weight and power.

Do not forget that the weight directly affects the range. If the scooter is designed for 80 kg, it will certainly carry a 100-kilogram rider, but it will go slower and to a shorter distance.

Of course, the more power of the engine, the better. But we should not forget that, firstly, scooters with an engine capacity of 250 watts formally fall under the definition of a moped in the traffic rules, and this means you have to get the right category M for driving this vehicle. And secondly, the more powerful the engine of the scooter, the heavier it will be. Hence the following point. More info here

Choosing the wrong scooter for its weight

Another common mistake is choosing a scooter with a lot of weight. It is clear that a heavy electric scooter, most likely, has great power and a high-capacity battery. But if you are going to use it according to the scheme “reached the subway – folded – went on public transport,” then the scooter with a lot of weight and dimensions may be uncomfortable. For children and adolescents is better to choose a scooter that weighs as little as possible – from 4 to 7 kg. For girls – no heavier than 13 kg, the smaller the better. Well, a man is quite able to carry a scooter weighing 13-15 alinaimagine kg.

In general, the selection of an electric scooter by its weight – it is an inevitable compromise between power and range of travel on the one hand, and the weight of technology – on the other. Therefore, it is important to assess how comfortable it is to carry the scooter. It is quite possible that a compact model with a small battery capacity will be more comfortable in your hands, with which, despite the lower range and speed, it will be convenient to lead a familiar lifestyle.

Not considering battery capacity and range on a single charge

Battery capacity is the determining factor for calculating travel range. And if your electric scooter has a low-capacity battery, you simply won’t get far. Or you will go far, but only in one direction, and you will drag the scooter on your back.

To prevent this from happening, you need to be clear about what battery capacity and range you can count on. Buying an electric scooter is, again, a compromise between price, power, range and usability.

On the one hand, the higher capacity battery installed in the scooter, the longer and farther it will be able to ride. But in practice, this leads to a significant increase in cost, weight and dimensions. So you have to strike a balance between capabilities and needs.

The optimal battery capacity depends on how you plan to use the scooter. If you expect to travel long distances, you should get a model with a high-capacity battery, despite the high weight of these scooters. And if you plan to use the scooter for relatively short distances (a ride to the subway, a little ride in the park), you can choose a lighter model with a less powerful battery.

Buy a scooter online and not consider the need to buy parts

A very important point – the place of purchase. You can buy an inexpensive electric scooter in a foreign online store and waste your money, soon you will be left without the equipment. Why? Because sooner or later transport will need supplies and spare parts, such as brake repair or tire replacement. It will be disappointing to find out that spare parts for the scooter is simply not on sale, or they, unlike the scooter, are not delivered to other countries.

In the case of a breakdown you will have to look for parts on various resources and play the lottery with unclear delivery terms and unknown quality of the parts. And it is good if suitable spare parts can be found at all.

The presence of a warranty repair shop and generally intelligible technical support and service – this is also an important point. It is not less important, than technical characteristics. Because the vehicle is subject to breakdowns at least due to gradual wear and tear of units and parts. And presence of the understandable service, allowing quickly to eliminate failures is the important moment, which helps to exploit your purchase comfortably and with convenience.

Not Considering Wheel Size and Cushioning

The size of the wheels of a scooter is often not taken into account when choosing a model. And completely in vain: their diameter directly affects the shock absorption and handling. On the one hand, at high speed the controllability of a scooter with small wheels 7-8 inches in diameter is better, and the range on a single charge is a little longer. But on the other hand, small wheels tend to be stiff, and the design of electric scooters is such that the main shock absorption is carried out by the wheels onlinegamingnewx

As a result, riding a scooter with small wheels, you will fully feel all the irregularities of the road, including cracks, potholes and paving slabs. A scooter with large wheels, in turn, will travel a shorter distance, but will smooth out the bumps, so it will be more comfortable to ride. However, due to the fact that the center of gravity will be higher, to manage such a scooter at high speed will be more difficult.

Choosing a scooter, it is necessary to be well aware of where and how you plan to use it. For travel on a flat road is quite suitable small wheels. And if you plan to travel on rough roads, it is better to choose a diameter of 8 inches or more. In addition, it will be good if the scooter has additional shock-absorbing elements.


Electric scooters – a fashionable topic, so they are often bought for themselves or as a gift, especially since more and more models appear at an attractive price. But the purchase should not be made, as they say, “without a head” – without taking into account the peculiarities of use and the specifics of the routes to be ridden. This will lead to disappointment, although if you set the task more specifically, you can pick a model that is optimally suited for your tasks and fit into the planned budget onlinegamingnows

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