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“Archive” by Gavin Rothery is an uneven sci-fi thriller with many cliches and plot twists. This film does dip into sexism, but it unravels in the final minutes and makes us wonder what the hell is going on. But that ending is just too confusing to be worth the movie’s mediocre performance. Regardless of its flaws, it’s worth a watch if you want to see some sci-fi in a movie. Read More about hub4u click here cinewap Visit here viewster

The film’s story begins as George makes video calls to his wife Jules, which are full of static. Jules starts the calls off happy, but George’s actions soon become a source of a lot of anxiety. The audience eventually learns that the two computers in the room are from a company called Archive. One of these stacks has a pushy sales rep, played by Toby Jones. The purpose of the Archive is to store the neural essence of the deceased so that a survivor can communicate with them.

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Although the story revolves around robots working in human-like ways, the main focus is on the psychological aspects of this process. Archive shares some similarities with Alex Garland’s Ex Machina, a film about a possessive tech genius building the perfect woman. However, the dialogue between George and J3 seems to take place in a different film. In Archive, the focus is on human qualities, rather than artificial ones.

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