Are There People That Sell Only Pet Insurance?

Are there people who sell only pet insurance? The answer is yes. Some companies have insurance plans designed exclusively for pets, while others offer pet insurance to cover a range of expenses. Those who are looking for inexpensive coverage can choose a “accident only” policy, which covers only accidents and does not usually have an age cap. Accident only plans are suitable for older, healthy pets. However, you should not expect the insurance to pay for everything your pet might need.

If you are unsure of which policy is best for you, start by comparing the various costs and coverage. Then decide how much out-of-pocket expenses you want. Lower deductibles mean a lower premium, while higher deductibles mean a higher out-of-pocket expense for unexpected emergencies. Regardless of your budget, many pet insurance companies honor a money-back guarantee (also known as a “cooling off period”) in certain states. If you are not satisfied with your insurance coverage, you have 30 days to cancel it and get a full refund.

Lemonade is another company with an exclusive plan for pets. This insurance company offers online policy quotes and has an app for its customers to file claims. Lemonade pays out 30 percent of claims immediately. They take a flat fee from your premiums and use the rest for claims. Any premiums left over are donated to nonprofits. So, if you are unsure about your pet insurance policy, don’t hesitate to call the company.

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