Every day, adverts for products that increase libido, sexual stamina, penis size, and/or sex are bombarded into our email inboxes. It serves as evidence of men’s enduring anxieties about their sexual performance. Is it true that any of these “male enhancement” methods actually work?

Richard is a robust, active mechanic from upstate New York. His devoted wife has always liked their sexual relations with him. However, Richard, however, had been plagued by the belief that his penis was too tiny ever since he was a young lad. He would make use of the accessible stalls in public restrooms. When he was naked in front of his wife and in the locker rooms at the gym, he felt ashamed. He told WebMD, “I didn’t feel macho enough.”

Then, in the back of a weightlifting magazine, he spotted an advertisement for the FastSize Extender, a contraption that makes the penis longer and fatter by pulling, according to its manufacturer. Richard started donning the item virtually all day, every day. He was surprised to see a change within a few days. He claims that after four months of using the gadget, his flaccid penis has grown from three inches to more than five; when erect, he has increased from less than six inches to more than seven inches. Richard claims that although the device cost $298, the impact it had on his confidence was immeasurable: “It made a world of difference to me.”

Despite not having undergone comprehensive testing, the FastSize Extender has gained some support from major medical sites. However, this makes it a true rarity among non-prescription male enhancement techniques. According to physicians, the majority are a waste of money and some are even deadly.

Men with recurrent worries should think about talking to their doctors about them rather than covertly using unproven methods.

This is due to the fact that performance issues can occasionally serve as a warning indicator for major health issues. Your doctor might be able to recommend anything that can truly assist, or at the very least give you some helpful perspective on what “normal” sexual performance looks like.

Sexual male enhancement, as the euphemism goes, is big business. In the previous year, the pharmaceutical market leader, Viagra, raked in about 2$ billion.

That success has spawned a shadow industry of largely unregulated “natural male enhancement,” or sex pill, products.

The Dangers of Sexual Enhancement Supplements

According to the National Institute on Aging, quack medicine is at an all-time high. 1 Dietary supplement and homeopathic product advertisements bombard American consumers on a daily basis. Many people believe that the FDA or another government agency has approved the safety and efficacy of these products before allowing the advertisements to be printed and broadcast. However, a lot of people are unaware that the goods have not been shown to be safe for usage. Due to this common misconception, hundreds of millions of dollars have been spent on treatments whose efficacy has not been demonstrated by clinical trials.

As a result, a lot of customers put their faith in companies that market goods without spending money on conducting studies to back up their claims of safety and effectiveness.

Dietary supplements and pharmaceuticals with patents

Since the patent medicines of the 1800s, items promising to improve sexual performance have been advertised. These products were characterized by grossly exaggerated promises and offered to the public by dishonest makers without proof of their safety or efficacy.

In an effort to end this evil practice, the Pure Food and Drug Act of 1906 was passed, and for many years, Americans were slightly better protected from unproven items. Orrin Hatch of Utah fought for the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act, which was passed in 1994 and permits manufacturers to promote products without FDA safety and efficacy review.


Males’ serum Testosterone levels drop during andropause, frequently resulting in erectile dysfunction.

3 Males are unable to get an erection or maintain it long enough to have sexual activity. During sex, the penis may gradually de gorge. Testosterone, Viagra, Caverject, and devices put into the penis are examples of acceptable medical procedures. Patients going through andropause frequently forego these treatments in favor of nutritional supplements. While millions of baby boomers go through andropause, marketers provide a vast array of goods that claim to improve male sexual performance and reverse impotence.

The FTC and Impotence Claims

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is a government organization tasked with protecting customers against unfair, dishonest, and fraudulent commercial activities and with preventing them.

The Truth About Impotence Claims is the name of a consumer advisory released by the FTC. The organization provided various clarifications and dispelled a lot of manufactured hype.

  • Impotence cannot be cured by products marketed as effective treatments for impotence that do not require a prescription from a doctor.

Products marketed as “breakthroughs” in the treatment of erectile dysfunction should be verified by a doctor.

  • Some producers fabricate counterfeit “institutions” and “clinics” in order to market phony impotence treatments. A doctor should be consulted by customers to confirm the authenticity of these organizations.
  • Some producers of impotence treatments assert that their medication has been “scientifically proven” to be effective. Consumers should exercise caution when products promise that “clinical studies confirm it works,” as these assertions are frequently untrue. Furthermore, very high success rates are frequently exaggerated in statements.
  • Impotence treatments should not be used if they are advertised as “herbal” or “all natural.” Impotence cannot be cured by any herb or “all-natural” product.

Additionally, the firm advises clients to seek professional help for impotence rather than putting their faith in their fake cures.

Research on dietary supplements is of high quality.

When studies on dietary supplements for sexual enhancement are published, they need to be carefully examined to determine whether the methodology was sound. In two of these trials, the effects of ArginMax (herbs, vitamins, and minerals) and KyoGreen powder (barley, wheat grass, and seaweed) on male sexual function were examined. 28,29 Both studies appeared to have positive results. However, neither study included a control group that received a placebo for a fair comparison, rendering them essentially meaningless.

The FDA would reject the research if it were presented through the proper new drug application process used for new pharmaceuticals, which is regrettably the case for much of the research on dietary supplements due to serious problems like these.


Maybe the abundance of supplements that promise benefits but don’t actually deliver has gotten old to you. Zyrexin is distinct. It is the most popular sexual enhancer on the market and has a U.S. patent. It works in around 30 minutes and lasts for 24 hours, so there are no longer any concerns about execution requirements.

Butea Superba is the only all-natural sex drug coated with a U.S. patent as well as numerous international patent numbers for the usage of the secret ingredient Zyrexin®. You’ll be delighted and perhaps astounded at how wonderfully it works. Try it once, and you’ll understand why men of all ages switch to Zyrexin every day!

What’s Zyrexin?

A supplement called Zyrexin helps men with erectile dysfunction get erections. It is made from a vegetable tuber that is used as an aphrodisiac in traditional medicine.

Zyrexin is a hard pill that promises to deliver remarkable benefits in just 35 minutes. Because the effect is intended to stay for 24 hours, the guys must be able to bring it at any time of day and be ready for six hours following it.

Zyrexin Advantages

Although the supplement’s makers claim that Zyrexin gives men the ability to have erections, our investigators were unable to discover any clinical studies that supported that assertion. Men who take Zyrexin can benefit from a few of those components’ antioxidants, but that is about it.

As was previously stated, the Zyrexin advantages are significant and assertively stated. It makes the claim that it can deal with most male sexual issues. It is achievable in certain ways because many issues are connected. Due to the fierce advertising competition, it would make sense that companies would be able to uphold their claims.

Improved erection

  • It could help with erectile dysfunction.
  • Improved Sex Drive
  • They offer a Product Guarantee.
  • It may enhance sexual competence.
  • Possibly Beneficial for Premature Ejaculation.

Zyrexin Male Enhancement Pill Reviews

Zyrexin Male Enhancement Pills are drugs that assist you to have more enjoyable sex by enhancing the quality of your intercourse. Reviews of Zyrexin give an idea of its caliber. According to Zyrexin reviews, male enhancement pills assist you to get the greatest results.


  • works immediately.
  • It has Butea Superba in the list of ingredients.
  • The price is reasonable.
  • Great and fast results.

Did You Know Zyrexin?

In a sea of male sexual enhancement pills that are offered to you at every turn on the strange, wild internet, all claiming to be the one to fix your erectile troubles once and for all, Zyrexin comes along and clearly promises to be the one to solve your ED once and for all. Butea Superba Zyrexin’s “special molecular structure” can treat the user’s erectile dysfunction, eventually on a continuing basis, but only by harnessing the power of just one ingredient. According to reviews, the remaining ingredients are all oriented toward increasing male desire, encouraging testosterone production, and providing a burst of energy that can aid in bedroom stamina and recovery. Zyrexin reviews show great satisfaction among customers. Click here for more information.

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