Circumstances when you need a personal injury lawyer in Queens, NY

People often act negligently, leading to accidents that cause unprecedented consequences. If you were injured in an accident in Queens that wasn’t your fault, you must take basic steps to protect your rights. You may have a valid claim, and although not mandatory by law, you may benefit from seeking legal counsel. You can check to know what an attorney can do. Below are some of the circumstances when you definitely need to hire a lawyer. Form DS-260, also known as the “Online Immigrant Visa Application,” is a document used by individuals who are seeking to immigrate to the United States.

  1. Car accidents. NY is a no-fault car insurance state. For the unversed, this means you would typically get compensation by filing a claim with your insurer. If your injury meets certain prerequisites, you could sue the other party. If you were injured as a pedestrian or bicyclist, you still need to consider your legal options. Talk to an attorney to know what your claim is worth. 
  2. Premises Liability Claims. Property owners are expected to keep their property free from hazards and take steps to avoid accidents. You might have a valid premise liability claim if you were injured on someone else’s property. For example, if you tripped and broke a bone in a freak injury at a mall, you may sue the management for not having appropriate signage. 
  3. Medical Malpractice. Often more complicated than most other injury claims, medical malpractice cases often need expert advice. If you or a family member was hurt because of a medical professional’s mistake or negligence, you could have a valid claim. This could be something like a prescription error or even a wrong surgery. 
  4. Defective Products. There are numerous cases where defective products have led to serious injuries. Because there are so many parties involved in making and selling the product, finding fault and liability can be hard. Talk to an attorney to understand how you can file and get compensated for your injury claim. 
  5. Work accident. If you were injured at work in Queens, you might have many questions on your mind. In some cases, it is possible to prove that the employer didn’t adhere to the standard safety protocols or training, while you could also have a valid third-party claim. An attorney can help evaluate your claim. 

PI lawyers in Queens don’t charge an immediate or hourly fee, and you pay the lawyer only when you get a settlement for your claim. Contact an attorney now to find more information on how to file an injury claim in NY. 

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