Do You Need Travel Insurance For a Domestic Holiday?

Do you need travel insurance for a domestic trip? The answer is no, unless you’re planning on taking the trip to a foreign country. Most travel insurance policies have a ‘look back’ period, meaning they will look back on your medical history within a certain time frame. The look back period varies between plans, and can be anywhere from ninety days to a year. Depending on the insurer, your pre-existing medical conditions may be covered, but only if you purchase the policy within 15 days.

Before purchasing a travel insurance plan, be sure to check with your existing medical insurance plan. While many U.S. insurers cover travel abroad, Medicare does not. If you’re traveling outside the country, you should check your policy to see what it covers. Some policies require preauthorization and other limitations. You should check your policy before purchasing, but it’s generally not necessary. If you’re not traveling overseas, you should check with your existing health insurance plan.

Travel insurance for domestic trips can provide peace of mind and help you to relax during your trip. Often, the policy will cover expenses due to delayed flights or lost luggage. However, it won’t cover expenses caused by airline or travel service provider reimbursement. In addition, it will not cover the costs of a rented car or unlicensed operation. Make sure you read the policy’s terms carefully to avoid unexpected expenses.

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