Is CoolSculpting Safe? Here is The Truth!

Simply put, body contouring is a treatment to remove extra fat cells from the body in order to change the form of the body. There are many different ways to accomplish this at Newport Beach MedSpa.

Some techniques need surgery to remove fat, making them invasive. Liposuction is the most often used invasive treatment. Other techniques do not involve surgery and are non-invasive. Lasers, ultrasound, radio frequency, heat, or severe scooptimes cold may be used during a non-invasive technique to burn or freeze fat.

Fat is frozen through a non-invasive technique called CoolSculpting. Its foundation is a process known as cryolipolysis. During this technique, the targeted fat regions are exposed to extremely low temperatures, which causes the fat cells to freeze and eventually die. The deceased fat cells are then normally eliminated by the body.

However, we are aware that excessive temperatures, whether they be hot or cold, can harm the body. Thus, the topic of safety for CoolSculpting is raised. Exist any adverse effects that might hurt a patient long after the procedure? This article seeks to allay some of those Jmdhindi worries.

Do the extreme cold cause skin damage and freeze burns?

When the skin is subjected to extremely low temperatures, freeze burns develop. The likelihood of a freeze burn after getting a CoolSculpting procedure from a skilled and qualified practitioner is little to none. This is why the technique includes several fail-safes.

  • Before the process begins, a unique, proprietary gel pad is put on the patient’s skin. This gel pad will protect the skin and the tissue around it. At no point does the applicator come into close touch with the skin.
  • In order to target and precisely chill the fat cells, the applicators utilized a CoolSculpting machine to employ suction to draw in the pinchable flesh in the treatment region.

How long do the adverse effects linger, and what are they?

The majority of negative effects go away within a few days or weeks. There may be some tingling, slight cramping, numbness, faint bruising around the margins of the treatment region, and some redness and hardness.

Do other cells and tissues under the skin suffer effects from the intense cold?

Death of fat cells is referred to as cryolipolysis. Only the fat cells in the target location are affected by the temperature at which the tissue is treated. The surrounding tissue is not harmed or affected by cooling when it is done correctly and by a qualified newsintv practitioner.

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