productivity 6 Common Project Management Mistakes 

Project management is a very responsible job; running projects do not happen without issues very often. And dealing with them calmly and gradually is the key to delivering them on time and on the fly. Project management’s success is totally dependent on more than one person’s work; that is why the project manager’s job is very often stressful, as he is the person from whom the report on the results lies. 

1. Aligning projects in a wrong way

Projects have to be assigned and aligned in order of their importance. Some companies use their precious time and resources to accomplish some projects that are less important than others. And it lowers the pace and workplace mobility of reaching the long-term goals of the company. So, this is basically the company’s first project management mistake that can really hinder the growth of the company. With the right tools and integration can considerably enhance your workflow.

2. No sponsors to projects

Project teams and shareholders depend on project managers for help and leadership. And project managers, for their part, depend on the sponsors. Usually, the sponsor of the project is someone from the executive team. That person supports the project and resolves the conflicts that may occur during the piloting of the project. When companies hire a project manager, they have to consider aligning a sponsor to the projects that he runs. 

3. Micromanagement

New project managers do some micromanagement, which means checking on the tasks that their subordinate is responsible for. Project managers must not procrastinate their job and check the progress of work that not exactly he is responsible for. And this really slows down the execution of the project. 

4. Estimating wrong deadlines and budget

It is very important to be able to set realistic budgets and deadlines for projects. A project manager has to understand the capacity of the team and the number of people who can accomplish the tasks. The budget of the project also has to be affordable for the company. 

5. Doing everything by themselves

Very often, project managers take on a lot of tasks on themselves. Instead, they have to listen more to the offers of their teams. When a project manager considers himself a much better specialist than his team members, members may not object. But it is important for a project manager to be able to delegate tasks because that can help the acceleration of the project run. 

The line would read: Outsourcing sometasks such as payroll processing or recruitment can save them a lot of time if they let their tasks in the right hands. Being in touch with a PEO company can definitely be helpful.

6. Losing track of the process

As ridiculous as it may seem, a lot of projects start with enthusiasm and excitement, but after a time, they start to lose the acknowledgment of the purpose. It is important to delegate the tasks and check their accomplishment constantly. To organize meetings and discuss further steps with the team. Checking milestones can help you understand at which stage you are in the execution of the project. 


Project management mistakes often happen unintentionally, but that does not mean they did not occur. And there is definitely no project that runs perfectly, and there are various processes that can be improved. It is important to analyze and correct the mistakes so that they do not lower the productivity of the process over and over. 

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