Should I Put My Sick Dog Down Because I Can Not Afford the Vet Bill?

As a vet, I see the dilemma of pet owners: Should I put my sick dog down because I cannot afford the vet bill? It’s a question that many pet owners face on a daily basis. For example, Roxanne Hawn, a writer from Colorado, spent nearly $31,000 to save her dog Lilly, which ultimately led to her death. She had a rare reaction to rabies vaccination, resulting in inflammation of her brain and spinal cord.

A simple checkup can cost $100-$400, and the cost of diagnostic procedures can reach up to $1,000. However, even relatively minor conditions like ear infections or skin allergies can run into thousands of dollars. The Humane Society estimates that 23 million pets in the U.S. live in households where the income level is below the poverty line. Despite the staggering statistics, many pet owners are not aware of their options, which is why they are so concerned about their pets’ medical bills.

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Ultimately, the choice of putting your dog to sleep is an important one. Veterinarians can use several medications to put an animal to sleep. However, many veterinarians are not required to use more than one type of anesthetic. Barbiturates, for example, are known for their high price. These drugs will numbed your pet and cause anesthesia and, in extreme cases, death.

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