Should We Wait For the iPhone 13 in 2021?

Apple is planning to release a new iPhone lineup in 2021, including the iPhone 13, Pro, and Max models. If you can wait that long, you’ll get to enjoy the latest features, while also getting a discounted price on the iPhone 12. There are also rumors that Apple will release a cheaper iPhone 12 model than the iPhone 13 – so why not wait until the 2021 launch? Let’s explore what the new iPhone 13 will have to offer.

While the iPhone 13 will have more storage space than the iPhone 12, it still boasts a notch on the display. This notch houses the TrueDepth Camera, microphone, and speaker. It’s also smaller this year, which allows for a larger display area. The iPhone 13 features a Lightning port for charging and a 5G mmWave antenna beneath the power button. It also features a SIM slot on the left side and a Lightning connector for charging.

As for the design, the rumours are accurate. The iPhone 13 Pro has a 120Hz ProMotion display, which is twice as smooth as the 60Hz screens of recent iPhones. Combined, this means more fluidity and smooth playback of media content. So should we wait until 2021 to get a new iPhone? Here’s a look at the leaks.

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