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Earlier this year, the megagame craze caught American gamers’ attention when Shut Up & Sit Down (SU&SD) played Watch the Skies in London. The event was filmed and posted online. This piqued the interest of New York City residents, who decided to organize the first megagame in the U.S. The first game, Watch the Skies, sold out within two hours after the news hit SU&SD’s social media accounts. A second megagame was planned within two weeks, and a third sold out within the first 24 hours after SU&SD’s news bump.

By Other Means

By Other Means is a space opera megagame loosely inspired by the Peace of Westphalia. The game’s players will participate in meetings where they will make decisions about the game’s gameplay by consensus. Players can also choose between factions and team sizes. The developers are planning to release the game on Steam sometime this year.

Watch the Skies

If you are in the market for a megagame that is physically and mentally challenging, watch the skies. Watch the Skies is a futuristic, sci-fi style game that takes place in the near future where Earth has been attacked by aliens. You play as one of 60 nations or as an alien and must save the world from the invasion. The game features exciting battles, espionage, and research into alien artifacts.

Watch the Skies is one of the most popular megagames and is currently being run across the world. Its creator, Jim Wallman, has run other games since the 1980s, but this game is the flagship title and has the highest public profile. The popularity of these games has recently reached the U.S., and the Megagame Makers company has started to produce different games. The first game, Watch the Skies, sold out in two hours of the news bump. The second game sold out in the same amount of time.

Watch the Skies sold out within two days of a SU&SD news bump

If you’re interested in buying a copy of Watch the Skies, don’t wait. The game is a megagame of alien terror that will require your full commitment and is a 7-hour game. You can learn more about the game at the Megagame Society.

By Other Means is a space opera megagame

By Other Means is a space opera video game that is loosely based on the Peace of Westphalia. In the game, the major powers of the galaxy must find a workable peace, while avoiding losing too much of what they gained from each other.

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