The health scare given by Fabrice Muamba

Football is a sport that is incredibly highly demanding. All players must be in top physical form in order to endure the demands they face on each match. To wager on the best football matches, punters can visit the website.

There have been many players that have tragically died due to heart-related diseases. Some examples include:

  • Marc-Vivien Foé;
  • Miklós Fehér;
  • and Antonio Puerta.

However, these horrific tragedies have created much more awareness regarding potential cardiac problems in football players. For this reason, many other situations that could have ended in death have been prevented.

This is exactly what happened with Fabrice Muamba, who was a defender who last played for Bolton Wanderers. The 1xBet website is available for placing wagers on all matches of this team.

A seemingly completely normal career

Before signing a player, football squads make thorough medical checks on him. However, these checks are not infallible, as there are many conditions that can be undetected even for modern medicine. Punters can play live 1xBet now to start wagering on the best football players from all over the world.

That was the case with Muamba. He was part of different squads from the English Premier League, such as Arsenal, Birmingham City and Bolton Wanderers. There is no doubt about the checks the medical staff of the squads performed on the player. However, as previously said, there are some illnesses that simply go undetected. Right now you can play and make live bets now on all the squads where Muamba played by visiting the 1xBet betting platform.

A football match that became a nightmare

The 17th of March 2012 is a day that no Bolton Wanderers fan, let alone Fabrice Muamba, will never forget. On that day, the team was visiting White Hart Lane to play an FA Cup match against Tottenham Hotspur. It is possible to make pre-match and live wagers on this specific competition at the website.

During the first half, Muamba collapsed without any external influence. The medical teams of both squads immediately ran to assist the defender. Fans who were at the stadium were devastated. They were fearing the worst, as it was seen before with players like Fehér or Foé.

It was reported that Muamba’s heart stopped beating for more than an hour. He was immediately rushed to the hospital. However, this story has a more positive ending, as the former defender recovered completely. 

Yet, the defender’s career was over, as his doctors told him that it was extremely risky for him to ever play again. Yet, he started a new career as a football coach and reporter. The 1xBet website can be used to wager on the amazing English football.

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