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 What’s the best cock fighting today  This is a question that cocks and bettors need to answer before each match. Because according to feng shui, the day of the competition can affect the state of the chicken. If the day is good, the chicken will be more impressive…. Here are the details of the house compiled for you to determine the match date for the cock.

Why should you find the best cock fighting today?

If you spend time researching cockfighting, you may come across the question What’s the best cock fighting today . Even, the more you are a professional player, the more you need to understand and often find the answer to this question.

Because Eastern feng shui has shown that, each thing and phenomenon corresponds to the par in the five elements. Even the seasons of the year and the date and time also correspond to one of the five destiny which is Kim – Thuy – Moc – Fire – Earth. Therefore, based on the destiny of the five elements, you can choose compatible things to make the process convenient and easy to achieve success.

The same goes for choosing chickens to compete with. If you choose a rooster with a destiny (reviewed, calculated based on coat color and leg color) that matches the season and match day, there will be more chances. Roosters can play well, exerting 200% of their strength to bring success to you. On the contrary, if the season is chosen, the playing day is not good, it can affect the ability of the cock. It can make chickens unlucky, at a disadvantage in competition….

Choosing the right day will help the cock fight better

How to find the best cock fighting today

Choosing a good day to compete is very important. So we can determine the answer to the question “ What’s the best cock fighting today ?” How? Accordingly, cockers and bettors can find good fighting cocks by season or by day (12 animals). Here are the details on the two main identifications you can use today:

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Find good fighting cocks according to the season

One of the ways to determine the answer of a question What’s the best cock fighting today  is a seasonal search. Specifically, a year has 4 seasons Spring – Summer – Autumn – Winter corresponding to 4 elements of Wood – Fire – Metal – Water in the five elements. Particularly about the Four Quarters of the year will correspond to the Earth element.

Based on the five elements of each time period, you can choose a prosperous rooster color and avoid rooster colors that show signs of failure when competing. Here are the detailed time periods of each season and the corresponding par:

  • Spring lasts from January 1 to March 12 corresponding to the Wood element. The Four Quarters will last from the 13th to the end of March.
  • Summer lasts from April 1 to June 12 corresponding to the Fire element. The Fourth Quarter after summer is from the 13th to the end of June.
  • Autumn lasts from July 1 to September 12, corresponding to the Kim element. The Four Quarters after Autumn is from the 13th to the end of September.
  • Winter lasts from October 1 to December 12. The fourth quarter after winter is from the 13th to the end of December.

Find good fighting cocks by day (12 animals)

The person looking for the answer to the question What’s the best cock fighting today  can also be based on the 12 zodiac signs. Accordingly, each day of the month always corresponds to a different zodiac. Depending on the zodiac as well as the relationship with the five elements, you will determine which is a good fighting cock. Specifically:

  • Rat: Especially suitable for brown, umbrella, not suitable for umbrella and umbrella.
  • Ox: Zodiac day for cashew and purple chickens.
  • Gradual: Prioritize gray and avoid wet cell colors.
  • Rabbit: Occasion will bring you luck, but gray, banana will not.
  • Dragon: Bettors should choose bananas, cashews, and chickens, and stay away from gray chickens.
  • Ti: Cotton and five-color cashews will have a great advantage, and umbrellas and umbrellas should not be on the field.
  • Horse: Gray cock, umbrella, will be very strong, while wet umbrella and five-colored cashew will be limited.
  • Smell: Bettors should enter money for the blue, owl chickens and ignore the gray, red, and purple ones.
  • Body: Banana will have the greatest advantage, followed by red and green will be difficult to play well.
  • Rooster: The ideal day for the field of O Cho but not suitable for green, cashew, and banana.
  • Dog: Choose umbrellas and bananas, avoid five-color cotton.
  • Pig: Go to money for chickens, green cashews, cotton umbrellas, ignore red things.

Note when checking what is the best cock fighting today

Those looking for good fighting cocks today need to keep a few notes in mind such as:

  • In addition to the season and day factor, you may have to consider the game time of the chickens.
  • Compare the chicken par with your five elements to find the best choice.
  • The bettor must analyze the state of the cock. Consider and evaluate the scales on the legs, crest, eyes, wings, thighs….


You have found the answer to the question What’s the best cock fighting today  then right? In every match, you can use the information that the bookie 789BET shares in the article to have more chances to win, collect bigger bonuses.

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