Top Mistakes to Avoid When Designing and Using Car Decals to Promote Your Business

Due to budgetary limitations, small businesses usually find it difficult to advertise and promote their products and services. However, using car decals and wraps can be a highly effective yet affordable method to boost the visibility of the business locally without any wastage. Even though modern technology has made it easy to design, print, and fix vinyl decals and stickers on vehicles, you need to avoid making mistakes that can spoil the efficacy of your communication and lower the ROI. Some tips on the top mistakes to avoid:

Using Poor Material to Print the Decals

Since you get the vinyl material at all price points, it can be tempting to use the cheapest one. However, these materials do not permit good reproduction and tend to tear and scuff easily. Also, the adhesive on the back may be weak, resulting in the decal peeling off prematurely. Not using high-quality printing inks can mean that the graphics and the text look washed out and fade quickly, when exposed to the elements. To get the best ROI, you should make sure to use quality materials that don’t discolor, bubble, peel off, or look terrible.

Getting the Size Wrong

Vehicle decals and wraps need to be custom designed and printed because they need to fit the vehicle panels that have different sizes, creases, shapes, and curves. You will also need to account for the doors, the door handles, the trim, air vents, gas cap, etc., which may prevent a smooth application of the vinyl. If you don’t take the size and the contours of the vehicle into consideration, you will have car decals custom that do not fit the vehicle and look unprofessional with distorted or chopped-off graphics and text. It is important to take accurate measurements and simulate the placement on a computer.

Poor Communication 

The first thing to take care of when designing a car decal is to ensure that there is no spelling or grammatical mistake that can ruin your credibility. Pay special attention to the phone numbers, email addresses, and website URL. Keep the message brief, crisp, and compelling taking care to make the message readable from a distance even when the vehicle or the reader is moving at speed. Use san serif fonts that are easier to read. Even if you want to impress people with your creative talent, the best car decals have a simple design without any clutter. Using a limited color palette helps significantly. According to Pursuitist, including a powerful CTA is a must.

Opting for the Wrong Color

It is crucial to choose the graphics and text color according to your car’s original color. Remember that your information cannot be highlighted if you opt for a low-contrast color combination. It is best to choose high-contrast color tones so you can attain fantastic outcomes. If the background is white or cream, it is best to use dark color schemes for the textual matter. If the background is dark, go for light color text.

Not Cleaning the Surface before Application

Do not ruin your perfect car decals by applying them on a dirty car surface. You should clean the surface thoroughly before going ahead with the installation process. Remember that lifting, bubbling, or wrinkling may occur due to grease or dirt on the vehicle surface.


There are several other car decal mistakes to avoid. However, take note of all the mistakes discussed above if you wish your car decals to grab instant audience attention and continue to be in pristine condition for many years down the line.

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