Understanding Wrongful Death Claims in Huntington Beach

We understand how scary it must be when you lose someone to death due to an accident caused because of someone else. Not only do you lose a loved one, but it can also put a lot of strain on you financially and emotionally. In situations like these, the state has certain laws in place that make sure that the family of the deceased doesn’t have to go through additional pain. What we consider difficult about these cases is that it’s not easy to prove that the death of a loved one has caused you pain and suffering in any way. To learn more, visit a law firm today. 

Monetary and non-economic damages:

Remember that along with economic damages, you can also recover non-economic damages under certain circumstances when you lose a loved one. The main distinction between economic and nomic damages would be that under monetary damages, you can get compensation for costs associated with the death, hospital admission fees, and medical expenditures. And in the case of non-economic damages,  you can recover damages for things of immeasurable value like love, affection, and connection.

Punitive damages:

Under punitive damages, you have got to prove to the courts that the negligent party acted recklessly which resulted in the wrongful death. Once that is established, you will be given wecelebrities compensation. These compensations are there to punish the party at fault. 

People who are eligible to file a claim:

Those who lost a loved one recently must be wondering if they are eligible to file a claim. To put it simply, anyone, from the surviving spouse and children to the parents, can file a claim. If it’s a husband who recently lost his wife to an accident, he can file a claim under loss of consortium. If a child loses a parent, they may seek financial assistance. 

Final thoughts:

However, what is important to note is that there is a statute of limitations within which you must file a claim. If there is too much of a delay, it can hamper your case. Note that the value of the claim usually relies on case-specific variables, which you may not be able to assess on your own. Because of this very reason, it’s best to get in touch with a personal injury lawyer to get help with your wrongful death claim. A lawyer will be able to help you understand your case better. 

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