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What Does An SEO Professional Do For A Company?

If you are trying to get more organic traffic to your website, one of the most effective ways to do this is with an SEO professional. But what exactly is an SEO professional and what do they do? In this article, we will take a closer look at the members of an SEO agency team and explain the roles of each. 

Account Executive

When you first come in contact with an SEO agency, the person you are most likely to be introduced to at the beginning of your journey is an account executive. This person is the team frontman (or woman) and has the responsibility of building a solid business relationship with you. The account executive also has a thorough understanding of SEO and what it can do for your business or service. 

Content Writer reports that a content writer plays a large role in how your website is optimized. This person will create and develop content that is relevant to your specific online goals. The challenging part of being a content writer is that this entails writing articles that promote your products/services, announce new offers, compare products, and they must produce these pieces of content with regularity. They use keywords, have a deep knowledge of your market and industry, and will write content to match the overall feel of your website. A content writer will also be well-versed in topic research and have access to tools that assist in those tasks. 

Link Builder/SEO Outreach

Link building is a practice that assists your website ranking which improves where it appears in search results. For this to happen, those links must be to quality, timely, and well-ranked sites, be relevant to your website niche, and have a traffic flow that will spill over to your website. This type of SEO outreach involves contacting webmasters of target sites and requesting they link back to your site. This process takes time and requires communication skills that get the job done. 

Local SEO Consultant

Ranking high on local searches is the backbone of local SEO. A local SEO consultant will work to create and maintain local optimization campaigns. This means using Google Maps for business pages that provide further information about your business or service when it is being searched. The process involves many sources including directory listings, reviews, and the exclusive use of location-based keywords to get your business information in front of people searching for products in your niche while online. 

SEO Consultant

This person is the top SEO expert. Their job is to provide practical advice to both business owners and marketers. They have the answers you are looking for and will be able to offer the right kind of advice to assist with marketing projects and campaigns. Another large part of what an SEO consultant does is help clients with enhancing their content and website and have knowledge of various types of new digital marketing tactics, software, branding, and copywriting to help with content development. 

SEO Specialist

This is the one person on the team that is considered an expert in all things related to SEO. Because of this vast knowledge base, an SEO specialist can take on any other role within the team and accomplish whatever tasks are required to meet specific goals. 

Social Media Manager

Social media is an effective platform to reach additional customers. It also permits you to engage with them to gain insight, and it is a great tool to create brand awareness. A social media manager manages all of your business pages that are on social media feeds such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. This person is also an expert on social media marketing and monitors metrics to ensure your feeds are reaching desired demographics. 

What The SEO Professionals Do All Day

There are so many different components to a complete SEO strategy that it takes several team players hours of work daily to complete the tasks. Here is a look at what many of those tasks are.


Carefully monitoring analytics is the only way to determine what SEO efforts are working, and which ones are not. 

Keyword Research

The use of proper keywords is essential to attract search engines and website visitors. Knowing which ones are best and updating the list frequently to connect with seasonal campaigns is vital. 

Link Building

Creating backlinks to relevant content within your website (internal) and at other websites (external) requires a focus on content and the ability to match it to the right sources.

Mobile Optimization

With so many people carrying around mobile handheld devices, it only makes sense to have your website and content fully accessible to these users. This is an ongoing task.


Your SEO team will concentrate on optimization that goes beyond just mobile devices. This type of optimization includes making sure content is of good quality and relevance, that metadata is correct, that the HTML structure is clean, that there are internal links, and that page load times are fast as always. These tasks require regular testing of various elements to confirm that everything is working accordingly.

Staying Up-To-Date

The best SEO specialists are those that conduct research and continue educating themselves on any changes to Google, software, and anything else connected to your website that receives regular updates. Sometimes an update requires changes to certain aspects of a website to ensure it still operates properly.

URL Building

To track specific campaigns, web pages need unique URLs. The SEO team will construct those and use them when necessary.

Final Thoughts

The best way to build your business online is through SEO. For the best ways to utilize all the methods by which SEO can benefit your business, you need the assistance of a professional SEO expert or an SEO agency team. Consider hiring either an SEO specialist or an SEO agency, where a team of SEO professionals can work on creating an online presence that not only drives traffic to your website but helps conversions and increases your revenue.

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