What is a T4 Slip?

A T4 slip is a record of money exchanged outside of traditional employer-employee relationships. It is issued by an employer to employees when they work outside the country. Native Canadian employees must have a T4 slip in order to work in the country. You can get your slips by contacting your Payroll department. If you cannot find them, you can send an email to the Payroll department and request them.

If you’re wondering what a T4 slip is, this article is for you. We’ll cover what a T4 slip is, why you might need one, how to calculate your pension adjustment on your T4 slip, and how to create one. After reading this article, you’ll be a step-by-step expert on the subject of completing the T4 slip. This article also covers how to create a T4 slip.

Tax slip

You can get a paper copy of your tax slip. Your tax slip is still valid. Before requesting an electronic copy of your tax slip, make sure your pop-up blocker and virus protector are disabled. There is a guide in the Knowledge Base to help you find your form.

The CRA website has a link to search for a T4 slip. Click the “Type” column to find the T4 slip you need. You will need to know your social insurance number and one of the figures on your previous T4 slip. CRA also offers step-by-step instructions and troubleshooting solutions to help you find your T4 slip. Once you’ve found your T4 slip, you can begin filing your taxes.

Required for Native Canadian employees

Until September 26, 2020, all employees working for paystub generator Canada are required to file T4 slips, which are a statement of remuneration paid. The T4 slip details an employee’s earnings and amounts withheld for tax purposes. It is used to file income tax returns. This form details deductions for CPP/QPP contributions, EI premiums, provincial parental insurance premiums, and income tax. There are different requirements for each province, and the deadline is February 28.

T4 slips are needed for Native Canadian employees who receive government benefits. The government requires employers to obtain Social Insurance Numbers (SIN) for their employees, which they must submit to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). They must request these numbers within 3 days of starting employment. The SIN is also used by employers for payroll deductions and documentation. Native Canadian employees must file T4 slips every year. For more information, visit the Canadian government’s website.

Issued by employers

T4 slips issued by employers must be submitted to the CRA by March 1 of the following year. They are generally given in a paper copy, but may also be sent electronically via email or through an employer’s online payment portal. You should contact your employer if you have not received your slip by the end of February. They may reissue it for you. The information you provide should be accurate, so be sure to submit them by the deadline.

The T4 form is a form that reflects your income before any deductions are made. It also outlines your deductions. If there is a discrepancy, you should contact your former employer and request an amended T4. If the T4 is not identical to your pay stubs, you can use the pay stubs to determine how much you earned and what deductions you made.


T4 slips are considered the holy grail of payroll documents, as they help employers keep track of income for the year. As such, they are vitally important for the filing of taxes. Here’s how to make them more accurate:

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