What is the cause of the disease “Irregular menstruation”?

“Menstruation” is the lining of the uterine cavity that comes off every menstrual cycle of a woman. Women in their reproductive age normally have their menstrual cycles every 21-35 days, and each cycle lasts about 2-7 days. Or is there any abnormality? It could be a warning sign of a reproductive disorder.

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What is abnormal vaginal bleeding?

abnormal vaginal bleeding Patients can be divided into 2 groups, namely those who should not have menstruation, such as children or adolescent women who have not yet had a period, and those who are postmenopausal women. In these two groups, if there was vaginal bleeding considered abnormal

for women of childbearing age Irregular menstrual bleeding can be found as follows:

  1. Menstrual blood is larger than normal. both in terms of quantity and period of menstruation
  2. Bleeding outside the menstrual cycle

Causes of abnormal vaginal bleeding

– ovarian dysfunction

– use hormonal contraceptives or female hormone replacement in menopause

– Complications during pregnancy

– Infectious diseases in the reproductive system such as uterine fibroids that are common = – including cervical cancer or endometrial cancer that is common in women of menopause

Abnormal vaginal bleeding, should I see a doctor?

– Women who do not have menstrual periods (none or have run out) but have vaginal bleeding, such as in children or postmenopausal women.

– Women of childbearing age have normal menstruation But there is also bleeding outside the menstrual cycle. or bleeding after sex

– Menstruation in larger quantities or having a longer menstrual period Observed from using more than 4 moist sanitary pads per day or having menstruation each cycle for more than 7 days, which can cause tiredness and fatigue after menstruation from anemia.

diagnosis when abnormal bleeding in the vagina

The doctor will take a history of the symptoms to find a rough cause. Then in some cases there is bleeding after sex. Your doctor may request a pelvic exam. A Pap smear may also be required to screen for cervical cancer. (Recommended to check every 2-3 years in the group that is not at risk But in high-risk groups such as HIV infection, the doctor will recommend annual examinations) in some cases. Your doctor may request an endometrial exam. by curettage or take the cells of the uterus for examination In cases where the doctor may wonder if there is a risk of melanoma Your doctor may request an ultrasound examination. Also known as ultrasound examination. and in the case of checking hormone levels Your doctor may request a blood test. which in addition to checking hormone levels Anemia can also be checked.

Treatment for abnormal vaginal bleeding

If the symptoms are caused by abnormal functioning of the ovaries. Your doctor may consider prescribing medication. to control ovarian function But if there are fibroids in the uterus or have cancer of the reproductive system may be treated with surgery or use radiation therapy For those with abnormal vaginal bleeding Able to consult at the obstetrics and gynecology department

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