Which Android Phones Have Ads Built Into Their Phones?

Which Android phones have ads built into their phones, and how do you disable them? While the majority of Android phones do not allow you to disable ads in their stock apps, some do. Many Chinese brands such as Xiaomi, Realme, OPPO, Huawei, and Vivo are known for their intrusive advertising. They often have ads that pop up when you open certain apps, and they track you in detail.

Samsung ships Android on all of its smartphones, and renames it “One UI,” which modifies the experience for users. Several Samsung-developed packed-in apps are built into their phones. Those apps often contain big banner ads at the top of the screen, right where normal navigation information would be. You might also receive notifications with an ad for Sirius XM. These pop-ups are a sneaky way to entice you to install new apps or buy a new gadget.

To block the ads, install an ad-blocking app, such as Popup Detector. This app automatically detects pop-up ads on your home screen, lock screen, or notification bar. It also detects apps that place ads above other apps and notifies you of the issue. If you don’t want ads to appear, you can block ads on Android by installing an ad-blocking app.

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