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Which home decoration lights do you choose to make the atmosphere warm?

Fire is an essential element that is indispensable in every home. It is also a part that helps create an atmosphere for the home and residents as well. Using a light with bright white light will make you feel refreshed. Energetic, soft, yellow-colored light, giving a soft, gentle, warm feeling. So, what kind of home decoration lighting should you choose? will give a warm atmosphere Suitable for a resort-style house. Today, AYB Resort House has a good article. About choosing home decoration lights to leave each other.

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Know the types of lighting for decorating resort-style homes.

Before choosing a light bulb Should get to know the types of lamps before that there are many types. so that we can choose to use it correctly which light bulbs can be divided into several types depending on the criteria used to separate them. But for this article, color will be used as a criterion for classifying lamps. Currently, there are 3 colors of light bulbs:

1. Warm White Bulb

This bulb has a golden-orange color tone. A soft light makes you feel comfortable, relaxed, warm, and romantic.

2. Daylight bulb

with white light, blue tone quite bright to see things clearly Colors do not deviate from reality. Stimulate the body to feel rejuvenated, alert.

3. Cool White Bulb

It looks like a combination of Warm White and Daylight bulbs with a bright blue and white light. but also looks cool But the color of the object may be somewhat distorted from reality.

Guidelines for choosing resort-style decorative lighting

For a resort-style house, besides the colors that help create a relaxed atmosphere As for the lamps that follow the different sections of the house is also effective. Guidelines for choosing resort-style lighting to enhance the warm atmosphere are as follows:

  • Decorative ceiling lamps. full of nature Choose a pattern that is more natural, such as the shape of a lantern. Or choose materials that come from nature, such as patterns made of wood. It will enhance the atmosphere to be close to nature, inviting you to relax, and will also make the house look more beautiful and perfect.
  • Wall lamps create beautiful shadows. Inside a resort style house Often choose to use light from a warm yellow incandescent lamp. To create a warm and relaxing atmosphere, if you have a wall lamp It will add beauty with light and shadows that affect the interior of the house in soft tones. Will make residents feel comfortable, airy, not stuffy, adding to a very relaxing atmosphere. It blends in perfectly with nature.
  • Lamps in the bedroom. to blend in with the decoration style The bedroom is a room for real relaxation. And usually a room with at least one lamp, so if choosing a lamp that matches the style of a resort house which is a beautiful design that transcends time It will look harmonious, promoting a warm and relaxing atmosphere. By choosing a lamp made of natural materials such as silk cocoons, rattan, and saa pulp and choosing as a table lamp, hanging from the ceiling, or may be used as a vintage-designed floor lamp as well. The warm yellow light of the lamp is sufficient for the activity. without the need for white light which gives a relaxed and romantic atmosphere
  • Simple table lamp that is easy on the eyes. Table lamps arranged in different spots. The resort style house will add brightness to the house. And it also helps to decorate to add beauty as well.
  • Beautiful garden lighting creates an atmosphere close to nature.

– Garden paths and entrances to the house Choose a lamp that is installed with a hidden technique. by installing as a point to have a proper distance for thorough illumination

– Resort-style houses with a relaxing corner outside the house as a pavilion or an indoor living corner Most of the gazebos are made of wood. Therefore, I should choose to install something hidden around the pillar. hide the ceiling of the pavilion Or choose to use as a wall lamp that is designed to match the decoration of the pavilion.

– For houses with large trees around the house Installing lamps along the branches to distribute light evenly at night is a kind of lighting that blends in with nature effectively. It is important to choose sufficient brightness, such as spotlights.

Resort style house It is one of the dream home designs that many people would like to own. with a design style that emphasizes the use of natural materials surrounded by green areas of trees Therefore, the resort-style house has a shady atmosphere, like relaxing in a beautiful hotel. Feel relaxed every day at the residence. Every element, from the majority, such as the house design, color, furniture, to minor elements such as lights and lamps. It is a complement to a complete house.

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