Will We Ever Run Out of Ideas For Movies Or Video Games?

Indie developers have long been an important part of the film and gaming industries, but have we seen the day when they will be forgotten? Video game makers have made contributions to the movies and games industries by exploring the intersection of gaming and cinema. With the success of “Bioshock,” a movie adaptation is in the works. Its plot is reminiscent of a game, with the player playing a silent protagonist, complicit in his or her actions.

While the film industry lags behind in terms of technological innovation, video games have emerged as an increasingly important storytelling medium. Epic Games’ Fortnite, for example, uses the powerful Unreal Engine to render massive 3D environments in real time. The game has expanded far beyond the typical video game, allowing players to control a virtual camera to dart into the action or float above it.

The next couple years will have plenty of reboots, remasters, and rereleases. Games too fall into this category, rereleases with updated graphics and bonus content. While this may seem like a good thing, it does have its downsides. The trend of reboots and remakes isn’t sustainable for movies and games. The question is, “will we ever run out of ideas for movies and video games?”

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