Choosing an Order Fulfillment Company: What to Look for?

Fulfillment is outsourced logistics. A fulfillment company picks up the goods from the supplier or retailer, distributes and stores them in the warehouses, packs the order, and ships it to the client. Here are some tips to help an online store choose the best fulfillment company.

Find Out the Cost of Services for Your Store

Choose a tariff based on your capabilities and conditions. For example, a full package of services will cost more. Only packaging and storage are cheaper. Nevertheless, different e-commerce fulfillment services offer separate tariffs.

  • Specify how the operator will calculate the price for sending different parcels, whether there will be an additional charge for weight and branded packaging, how much storage costs, and so on.
  • Some companies can charge for each transaction – for example, processing or packing one order. This option is suitable for a beginner or small business when there are few shipments, or they are irregular.

Meest-America is a good-reputable 3pl fulfillment service for all businesses in the USA. To check their prices and conditions, go to

Check How Goods Are Stored in Warehouses

Ask the fulfillment company to show you how the warehouse works. You will immediately see how orders from other stores are handled and how storage is organized. If, for example, the warehouse is a mess, and the packers are throwing parcels, you should look for another company.

Check the Speed and Terms of Delivery

Suppose the operator cooperates with courier services and transport companies. Specify which ones. It depends on the final cost and speed of delivery. Meest is a unique service that delivers goods in 2–5 days from the USA, so you shouldn’t worry about different transport companies.

Find out if the fulfillment company has pickup points. Sometimes it is more convenient for buyers to pick up the goods themselves in a convenient place at a convenient time than to wait for a courier.

Check If the Operator Works with Returns

Ask the operator about the speed of processing returns and if he has a separate area in the warehouse for this. Find out how the company accepts goods and how soon they return and renew the balance.

Read Company Reviews

It is better to choose the best e-commerce order fulfillment company according to recommendations or through site directories. For example, Meest has a list of logistics services for all entrepreneurs trying to enter the USA market. You can ask about the service in thematic groups on social networks and read customer and employee reviews on the official website.

There can be many reasons to outsource logistics: the place for storing goods has run out, you don’t want to rent a warehouse, your staff has become too large, and there is no way to support it, it’s costly to organize your delivery of goods, and so on. The best solution is to entrust all logistic work to the most trustable operator.

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