Home Improvement Tips For The Elderly

Many people dream of finding their home for life, if you’re lucky enough to have done that you may want to make adjustments for the future before you get to an age where everyday activities become more difficult and you have to make changes as you go. This could also be useful if you have an elderly family member living alone to help make improvements to their home and make their everyday life easier. For whatever reason you want to make changes, we’ve put together a list of home improvement tips for the elderly.

Change Door Handles

First on the list of home improvement tips for the elderly is changing door handles. They often appear to be a simple decorative option at news hunt first sight, but they may be quite important as you’re getting older. Traditional knobs need a stronghold and twist-action, which might be difficult for those with arthritis or weak balance. Door knobs with levers are easy to grasp. They work more simply, such as opening a door with the weight of your hand. Furthermore, fashionable levers enhance the appearance of your property.

Organise Storage

Everyday products should not be difficult to use or store. Examine the height and positioning of the counter, cabinets, drawers, storage racks, and shelves, especially in the kitchen. To help reorganise and make your everyday life easier try wall india songs hooks that are well-placed and make things easy to reach. Slide-out shelving is easier to reach than cabinets that need you to stoop or reach. You can also repair or replace squeaky drawers, and install touch or push locks or lever handles. Having everyday accessible storage is a good home improvement tip for now, and in the future, as it will help you avoid having to work too hard just to do a simple task.

Install a Stairlift

Due to decreased mobility, weakening muscles, and loss of stability, the stairs might become too tough for some elders to negotiate. As a result, going up and down the stairs at home becomes a regular chore that is finally avoided. When the stairs become too difficult, many seniors contemplate downsizing to a one-story house or moving into a retirement community. However, both of these choices may be quite expensive. Fortunately, onlinebahisforum the installation of a stair lift provides a rapid and cost-effective solution, as well as several additional advantages. It makes using the stairs at home safer. Using a motorised chair to move from floor to floor decreases the chance of injury at home, as stairs are one of the most prevalent sites where people fall, especially the elderly. A fractured hip, leg, or other major injuries can arise from missing one step while walking up or down a staircase.

Front Door Adaptation

If getting to the front door is challenging, consider implementing a system that allows you to talk with visitors and control who gets in. There are many modern systems such as a Ring doorbell which allows for two-way talk directly from your phone. This also allows you to monitor your house when you’re not in, or give delivery drivers specific instructions. This will not only act as a home improvement tip for the elderly but also help you in day-to-day life with security. If security is a concern, as it should be, you should get CCTV and alarms. Burglars are more likely to target homes of older people as there is more likely to be actual cash, as well as valuable items such as jewellery. If you want security solutions installed by local experts, click here.

Walk-In Shower

Elderly people may be more likely to fall at home, this can be due to a loss of strength and balance. When you have a slippery-when-wet bathroom, the likelihood of falling increases. You should try to make your bathroom as slip-proof as possible, one of the best ways of this is to have a walk-in shower. This style is more open than a traditional shower and may not have a door at all – similar to a gym shower. There is no lip to trip over, and the floor slopes gently toward the drain. You might wish to include safety elements such as grab bars and non-slip matting.

Bed and Chair Elevators

If you have trouble getting into or out of bed or a chair, you can have raisers installed to elevate things higher so you don’t have to bend as much. You could also acquire motorised riser-recliner chairs and speciality beds that elevate you to a telesup standing posture or lower you to sit or lie down. Whilst this may only be for a particular person who has significant problems, it could be useful for an elderly family member. If you really want to plan for the future (depending on your age) you could buy one of these whilst they are available and store it.

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