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How E-commerce has Changed Business

Shopping in modernity is entirely different from how it used to happen in the near past. Not looking very far, 20 years ago, there was no application, cloud-based software, or online reviews. 

The business had to undergo some significant changes in 2020 when the pandemic started. With the orders to stay at home and distance yourself from others, traditional stores started to close and subsequently started to decrease in numbers. While automation solutions such as a healthcare chatbot and email automation tools have also seen a significant popularity, eCommerce has taken everything to a whole new level. Retails had to adapt themselves to unforeseeable conditions. People under lockdown had not much choice but to shift to e-commerce shopping. 

1. Online shops are never closed.

E-commerce is very practical to do because of its accessibility. It is available no matter where and on any gadget. Whether you choose to build your shop through marketplaces or develop a separate website, users can always find you. Digital shoppers find this feature the most important. E-commerce stores can’t get by without a mobile version of stores because the mobile device, unlike a PC or a laptop, is always in the client’s hands. The surveys have shown that this is a very important feature for customers and most people actually shop from their mobile devices, which are always with them.

2. Competition has grown with E-commerce.

With E-commerce trends and development, traditional businesses have obtained some huge competition. The thing is that E-commerce is practical in so many ways that the number of people buying online is growing bigger and bigger every day because nowadays, hitting different stores and searching for hours for the desired product is a luxury. The time-sparing is what e-commerce is mostly appreciated for. Plus, it gives people a wider choice of products. 

3. E-commerce is easy to use.

Besides the fact that shopping online spares the most precious time for customers, it is important to mention that customers just love the simplicity and ease of using E-commerce websites. Many online retailers have already implemented such automation tools as website chatbot and ads manager to their websites, which are very much loved and appreciated by customers because of their helpful and problem-solving features. According to an important survey, only 46% of customers still prefer to shop in traditional offline stores. 

4. Physical stores have online stores too

Online versions of physical stores have also helped traditional businesses a lot because, according to surveys, the majority of customers use phones and do their e-commerce shopping from their mobile devices. The mobile versions of online stores come in handy because people have their mobile always with them and find it even more practical to be able to shop from wherever they want. Many E-commerce stores implement virtual assistant to handle customer support. 


E-commerce boomed during the pandemic when people had no choice but to go online to shop. And no doubt, with the growth of technology, many new and fun shopping experiences lie ahead of us. But it is fair to say, even with all the advantages and practices that online shopping offers, there are still many people who prefer shopping in the traditional way. Shopping offline is still very popular among a significant part of people. 

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