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For those interested in political, economic, and social issues, Indian Express offers insightful and timely reporting. While other news portals may be prone to hype and ad-saturation, the IE’s news is free and without much confusion. Here are some reasons to subscribe to Indian Express:

The IE is a comprehensive news site with news from across the globe. The tabs make the articles easily browsable. You can filter the news by the tabs you choose. There are tabs for business, culture, and entertainment. You can also use the Question and Answer Forum to ask questions. And finally, you can read articles by topic. The newspaper is renowned for bringing important news to Indians and has received numerous awards.

Indian Express began as a Tamil weekly in 1932 and was first published in Madras and Chennai. It was founded by Ayurvedic physician P Varadarajulu Naidu. He later sold the newspaper to Swaminath Sadanand, who was the founder of The Free Press Journal. The two fought in court over ownership of the paper, with Goenka eventually winning the battle. But, the newspaper has been a staple of Indian life for over seven decades.

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