What Sport Should Short People Play?

If you’re short, you may wonder what sport to take up. While many sports are designed with the taller players in mind, there are plenty of options for those who are short. Basketball, for instance, has a number of advantages over small players. Being tall allows for more athleticism and helps with hitting, blocking, and shooting. Ski-jumping is also a great sport for those who are short.

Despite the fact that most teams are tall, short people can play just as well as tall people. Unlike tall people, short people can still excel in team sports. For example, football players under five feet tall are typically in the midfield. They control the tempo of the game and the flow of the play. Short players are also better at controlling the ball than tall players. For more information, check out these games for short people.

While height is a distinct advantage in some sports, it is not necessary for athleticism. Many people are good at sports that emphasize height. In the case of lacrosse, a short person can still excel, and the opposite is true for tall people. In lacrosse, speed and stamina are key, not brute physicality. In addition, first-rate stick skills can carry a short person far.

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